What Can I Give Them? Sending Presents on the List to Mom and Dad in Assisted Living

What Can I Give Them? Sending Presents on the List to Mom and Dad in Assisted Living

When a loved one enters assisted living, memory care, hospice or rehabilitation, they are asked to refrain from bringing jewelry or items of value from home. Caring for residents is the priority of the staff. If staff have to tend to a resident’s treasured items, their attention is diverted from their first priority, caring for the residents themselves. 

Thus, residents often move into a facility with a handful of things from home, such as clothing, some toiletries, maybe even a favorite pair of sheets, a pillow or two, and perhaps some warm blankets from their previous home environment. All of these remain in the rooms of the resident.

Jewelry, collectibles, tchotchkes, and any items of value do not follow the resident to their new home in the facility. Collectibles, jewelry, and holiday fare are put into boxes in preparation of the move, or perhaps these items are given to family and friends to live in another space. 

Though the new rooms may be available for decorating, only specific items are allowed in assisted living and memory care facilities such as some art and framed pictures of family, for example.

Typically, families are provided a list of items the facility allows residents to bring into their new home. That way treasured items from home will not be misplaced; thus, nothing cherished is lost. Only items that can be easily replaced enter the facility with the resident. 

Facilities work diligently to ensure a smooth transition when a new resident walks through their doors. Though the change of scenery can cause a sense of misplacement or unease, as their surroundings are not yet familiar, having a few items that are familiar can alleviate the feeling of newness, while encouraging a sense of belonging.

The Move

Moves can be exciting and a little sad for everyone involved. For residents, transitioning from a long-time residence to a new space may feel a bit disorienting. Emotions such as sadness, apprehension, and frustration may arise. These feelings are normal for everyone involved in the move of a family member into facilitated care. 

Though change can be a challenge, challenges allow for personal growth. Even the family member facing the challenge of moving will benefit by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Novelty or discovering the unknown is an experience our human brains enjoy. To turn the challenge of moving into a great new experience, focus on next steps and different experiences to come.

For family members, share positive aspects of the move, like meeting other residents who have similar interests and life experiences. Also discuss their new schedule, and the multiple activities to choose from during the day. Remember to include new festivities to participate in, such as commemorating National Days not often celebrated. 

Staying In Touch

Staying in touch with your family member becomes the next stage of maintaining connection for you and your family. Even when it’s a relief to know that a loved one will be well cared for, it’s still a change in how and when people can visit and continue to include the family member in care.

Moving a loved one into care is a big deal, and that’s the number one reason Oh Happy Days exist: We make it the process as simple as choose, purchase, and ship.

While families often send presents that help make the transition for their loved one who has moved into a facility all the easier, many may not know what to buy or what is OK to send. Facilities do provide a list of items that are allowable. 

Finding those items, or things to do during quiet times is another matter entirely. 

Oh Happy Days Care Packages are filled with items designed to help with quiet times, encourage working together on a project, and just have something fun to do. We have everything from physical activities, such as balloon tennis to decorating mirrors with window decals to entertaining memorabilia for residents, so they can make their new living space their own.

We make it easy to stay in touch with approved items to send, while providing multiple options for families to maintain connection with their loved one regardless of  may be on the calendar. 

Thinking of Your Family Member in Care

In today’s tech centered communication, staying in touch seems so simple. Mainly we text, though we do call family and friends and sometimes for appointments. Email is another way to stay in touch. Technology has made it so much easier to stay in touch with each other. 

But it’s not the same as staying in touch with a loved one in facilitated care because they may not check their devices regularly, or remember all of the details to operate a device.

Sending a card is easy, right? Well, sure, if they’re available and handy in your desk or closet. It’s easy to sit down and write a quick note, then remember to put it in the mail, right? 

We all think that, and we all try incredibly hard to do so, and even when the card is readily available, life can get in the way of remembering to get it done.

When was the last time you received a card in the mail? 

How did you feel opening it? 

Thought of. . .

Remembered. . . 

Loved and appreciated . . . 

Send feelings of love and gratitude to your loved one or friend in facilitated care and watch how it lights them up inside and out. Oh Happy Days is your one and done care package service. When you want to send joy, love, we’re thinking of you, send it with a small, medium, or large care package that you know your loved one will receive and use the items within. 

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