About Us

A Care Package Service

Lisa Link is the founder and CEO of Oh Happy Days, a care package service and resource for families and facilities. Lisa’s company is small but mighty. She and her team provide a resource of curated items specifically for residents who live in facilitated care, such as assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, and hospice.

The mission of Oh Happy Days is to provide fun things to do alone or with a group, motivating residents to maintain their joie de vivre. Oh Happy Days does so by obtaining items that are safe for residents and accepted by facilities, so residents have quiet activities that keep the mind active during quiet times, while also being user friendly for family and friends.

Oh Happy Days’ priority is to be a resource for both families and facilities. For families wanting to keep in touch with loved ones, families can easily send a variety of different care packages by choosing from pre-made boxes available or making one of their own. Family members can also choose a box to take with them to visit loved ones, so the family is engaged during a visit. Orders over $50 ship for free in the Continental US.

For facilities, Oh Happy Days provides multiple item boxes, making it easy to stock up on holiday and birthday fare. With Oh Happy Days, there’s no more having to coordinate resident outings while trying to shop for prizes and activity swag ( link to facility page). Having procured a multitude of items for events and activities that are deliverable with free shipping in the Continental US, activity departments can focus on choosing the items needed rather than having to figure out where to find them.

Curious about our care packages?

Please see our Menu of items for specifics. Oh Happy Days is constantly on the lookout for new products. “We are  always adding to our multitude of things to do, wear, and share” says Lisa. Our goal is to bring families and facilities new bling, as well as fresh ideas to maintain connection, while motivating residents with items that use mind, body, and spirit. 

Oh Happy Days is Your Activity Assistant: Shop Online and Find Your Prizes, Helpful Tools, and Warm Welcome Care Packages

Large hearted people work in assisted living, hospice, rehabilitation, and memory care. If you’re an Activity’s Director or one of the Activity’s teams, you know just how much work it is to create a game, implement it, and obtain the prizes. Your job is no small feat, but you do it everyday with a smile. 

Oh Happy Days was created by one of your own. Lisa Link